I Want To Be A Teacher

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As an 8th grader, I realized what I wanted to do. I was playing sports for a local Christian school in Milledgeville, GA. As I watched the good and not so good relationships the students had with their teachers and coaches. I decided then that I wanted to be one of the teachers that the kids loved. The athletic director at the time was the most influential individual that helped me realize my passion and how I could follow my passion and work at the same time. My passions have always included at least one of the following: children, sports, and helping children learn. Each passion presents an opportunity to incorporate my main reasons for teaching. My main reasons for wanting to be a teacher are because I want to help students overcome things they do not understand; to provide a safe, loving, reliable, and a trustworthy family atmosphere; to instill attributes of commitment, persistence, determination, and loyalty. “The light bulb turned on.” “It clicked” I love to see a child understand a concept that has been giving them a particularly hard time. Not only does the student or students get excited and feel like they accomplish something when they learn a difficult concept, but you as the teacher also feel a similar sense of excitement and accomplishment because you could help them understand. I also, want my students to enjoy learning. I believe that learning can be fun; therefore, I want my classroom to be a hub for creativity, fun, and learning. I find it enjoyable and

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