I Want to Continue Pursuing Knowledge in Electronic Engineering

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“I always believed that curiosity has been the cornerstone of man’s evolution”. which is the main criteria for gaining knowledge . Electronics is something which totally proven to be a massive revolutionary inventions to mankind which always intend to have drastic developments in it. This made me fascinate towards electronics subject to explore. Engineering is the key to save the earth, and electronics and communication engineers stand at the forefront of tackling obstinate problems from a global perspective, electronics engineer’s offers solutions to every bit of our tussle, and ameliorate the quality of our lives. Since my schooling, I have possessed a curiosity in the conceptual structures of mathematics and physics. With a solid foundation in physics lay during senior middle school. I preferred Physics & Math’s group in my Intermediate. My childhood played a vital role in developing interest in the two majors. This made me opt electronics and communication engineering in my under graduate program. My interest in acquisition of my passion made me score 72% in secondary school, 82% in intermediate. My passion towards electronics blossomed in 2008, when I got to know a small board of electronic components controls whole system in computers. A skeptical line of thought on how they were fabricated has stimulated my intellectual spirit, and laid the stepping stone in my pursuit to become an electronics and communication engineer. In this process, I’ve passed out from my
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