I Was Born Into The Sciences

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Drew M. Zimmerman Personal Statement FHSU Biological Sciences Degree Objective: M.S. in Microbiology I was born into the sciences. My entire life I have been exposed to the inter-workings of biology and that has not changed even to this day. When I was younger, I fondly remember being sent out with my friends to help collect various insects with my mother when she was attending Fort Hays for her master’s degree. I have met a lot of really fantastic professors at Fort Hays that make you feel like you are in a place that really wants you to learn and achieve great things. From the research where you can work closely with the professors to the classroom where the professors facilitate a real dialogue to help students truly understand the material. Exposure in my everyday life has fueled and is still fueling my interest in the Biological Sciences. This exposure has allowed me to see firsthand, through working at the local hospital, an assortment of diseases that afflict everyday people. I have learned about the mechanisms behind many of those same diseases and it becomes sort of a continuous cycle of learning that is difficult to come by alternatively. The research I have partaken in, Bioprospecting for microbes, involved probing top soil from various locations with a goal to find bacteria that has anti-microbial activity. I worked under Joanna Fae with Jennafer Ball while conducting this research. This project in conjunction with other class projects I have taken part in

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