IESE Application Essay for Ph. D in Management

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After graduation, I accepted the position of Graduate-In-Training in Coca-Cola Nepal out of curiosity. Little did I know then that this job would help me understand what I really want for myself. Working at Coca-Cola provided me with ample opportunities to understand the management and functioning of multinational companies. However, I always found myself looking for challenges in the field of management that were more intellectual than managerial. As I realized I might be a good candidate for a career in academia, I accepted the position of visiting lecturer of Statistics at Thames International College, Kathmandu. Working with students, igniting intellectual curiosity and helping them grow academically was an amazing experience and I …show more content…

Furthermore, I not only took delight in my frequent interactions and discussions with my professors about the research, but also thoroughly enjoyed working on the materials without daily supervision. This experience has been very crucial in developing my passion for academic research and I want to further pursue this interest by obtaining a Ph.D. degree in Management.
During the doctoral program, I desire to explore the fields of exchange rate risk, and financial and banking crisis management. An undergraduate research project on the Russian Currency Crisis of 1998 has helped me develop a keen interest in these sub-fields of Economics. I began the project in the seminar section on Central Banking by Prof. Roisin O’Sullivan. The paper examined the role of the Central Bank of Russia in devaluation of the Ruble and the Russian default of 1998 along with its involvement in the crisis management process. This research required me to learn theories ranging from Paul Krugman’s “Balance of Payment Crises” to recent models of monetary policies independently in a very short span of time and as well as apply them in context of Russia – an economy in political transition. It would be, therefore, very interesting to study, on a larger scale, the role of central banks and governments in crisis management process to help boost business

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