ILE Graduation Address

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ILE Graduation Address

Aloha. Thank you for that kind introduction and warm reception. It is truly an honor to be here with you.
Congratulations on what you have accomplished. I’m sure your families, friends, and colleagues are extremely proud of you. I know I am.
The strength of our Army is our Soldiers. The strength of our Soldiers is our families. We could never do what we as professionals and Soldiers without their support. When we deploy to serve our nation and do the profession we called to, the responsibility of raising of the kids, resolving arguments with the neighbors, fixing the broken refrigerator falls on them. Our families have sacrificed more than we can ever imagine during these 10 plus years of sustained conflict. Please join me in a warm round of applause for our families.
Many of you will soon return to the operational Army to lead our nations sons and daughters and I know you understand the seriousness of our profession and the tasks that await you.
ILE marks a turning point of many officer’s careers. ILE tends to be the first school attended almost exclusively by officers who have chosen to make the profession of arms their career.
As such, I want to leave you with a few thoughts about our profession of arms. First, think about what it means to be a profession.
Professions produce uniquely expert work, not routine or repetitive work. Effectiveness, rather than pure efficiency, is the key to the work of professionals. Professionals require
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