ISIS Case Study

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The recapturing of major population centers such Ramadi, Iraq in December or 2015, Mosul, Iraq in July 2017 and ISIS’ self-declared capital Raqqa, Syria in October 2017 has not ended the coalition’s efforts against ISIS. It has merely ended major military operations against urban centers and shifted the war back into counter-insurgency operations. The Undersecretary of Defense, Comptroller, David L. Norquist stated that the “war against ISIS is not over; and it’s not over in Syria. And although we are shifting our forces and the mission is changing, it’s also really important that we ensure that ISIS doesn’t rise again.” The greatest challenge to coalition success in OIR is making progress in removing the instability which enabled the …show more content…

Re-establishing security in former ISIS territories, many of which according to Maj. Gen. Qassim al-Mohammadi, the commander of western Anbar province operations, have been out of Iraqi forces reach for 14 years . Additional coalition ground forces will be necessary to provide order to the newly re-acquired territories. Forward operation bases need to be established to provide physical security to a logistics and command center. Protecting the Coalition forces, civilian support, and support contractors in the region. Physical security will be quickly addressed by Coalition forces rapidly moving into the captured city centers and conducting defensive countermeasure operations. Many insurgents fled theirs urban centers after the fighting ended . These cities have sustained damage due to years of neglect during ISIS rule and during operations to capture the city. Secretary Jim Mattis stated on November 16th, 2017 that the removal of rubble, removal of IEDs, the establishment of a supply of clean water and electricity where vital to coalition efforts because Syria refugees are returning to Syria at a rapid pace, many who have been gone for a whole generation . Defensive perimeters need to be established control the flow of people and goods from the city. Critical civil infrastructure needs to be evaluated and rebuilt. Future insurgent attacks could focus on the power, water, and food supplies vice taking direct

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