Identific Intelligence : The Evolution Of Artificial Intelligence

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In both the real world and Westworld, the debate about artificial intelligence is based around the idea of consciousness. Most people agree that the reason that humans are superior beings is due to the ability to possess consciousness. Although there are other animals that also show signs of consciousness, none are as complex as that of a human. That is what differentiates us from other animals, but in order to discuss machine rights, we must first define the true meaning of consciousness and how it developed through human evolution. According to Robert Ford in Season 1 Episode 8 Trace Decay, “there is no threshold that makes us greater than the sum of our parts…we can’t define consciousness because consciousness does not exist”. With this acknowledgment, he is basically stating that there is no difference between the minds of the hosts and the humans.
According to DiCarlo, consciousness co-evolved with the development of language. The “co-evolution of language and consciousness provided our ancestors with the newly developed - though gradually acquired - sense of mental abstraction wherein they could now see themselves in relation to the world”(DiCarlo). Since the development of consciousness occurred gradually in humans, it can be safe to assume the same can transpire with artificial intelligence.
With that in mind, there should definitely be a fail safe in place for the protection of our humanity. Especially since, unlike humans, A.I. is not limited to the slow progress

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