Identify My Outstanding Abilities

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The purpose of this essay is to tell you who I am, what my talents are, identify my outstanding abilities and explain where my goals are aimed. It is my understanding that this statement, combined with my application, educational scores and record of extracurricular pursuits, will be evaluated to determine if I am well-suited to the Texas A&M campus and culture.

I must admit, this was a pretty daunting assignment. A&M is a prestigious university with a well-documented lineage of alumni and I am currently an 18-year-old high school senior. The imbalance in history, stature and comparison does not escape me. I had to ask myself the straightforward question of is this the right choice for me and determine clearly if I was up for the challenge …show more content…

During my younger years, I was forced to move around a lot because I was a military child. I moved multiple times throughout my elementary and middle school terms. Initially I was very unhappy to realize this was to be the pattern of my childhood. But in time I realized these moves, though disruptive and involuntary, helped make me more adaptable, able to become easy-going and patient, and open to new ideas and situations. Because of the interactions that I had to have, with different new people in different new places, the new kid in different and unfamiliar environments, I developed some defining characteristics that are a big part of who I am. I am resilient and eager. I am inquisitive and disciplined. I am confident and affable. These characteristics help me every day. Not only socially but also in my scholastic career. For instance, throughout high school I’ve been a member of the basketball team. The sport is physically and emotionally demanding, and it is not for everyone. Each game and practice an athlete is to put their athletic ability to the test, be able work with others, both independently and as a cohesive unit, in order to reach our mutual goal. Every workout, every drill, and every game is something I work hard at to make myself, and my team, succeed. With each game, I put my best best foot forward, focus on the task at hand, keep my eyes on the ball, support my team members to the utmost of my abilities and aim to be the best that I can be. Just like that young kid entering a new classroom for the first time

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