Identifying Challenges Faced By Hospitality Organisations

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NAME: TAFADZWA SURNAME: ZIMUNYA REG NUMBER: R135769F PROGRAM: HTHM 2 COURSE: RESEARCH METHODS LECTURER: DR MARUNDA DUE DATE: 28 NOVEMBER 2014 1. RESEARCH TOPIC IDENTIFYING CHALLENGES FACED BY HOSPITALITY ORGANISATIONS IN ZIMBABWE. A CASE STUDY FOR THE HOSPITALITY ORGANISATIONS THAT ARE BASED IN HARARE 2. INTRODUCTION Pizza (2011) considers hospitality as an industry that is made up of businesses that provide accommodation, food and beverages, meetings and entertainment to tourists, travelers and the locals. Examples of hospitality organizations include hotels, lodges, guest houses, restaurants and others. Gill and Gill (2011) assert that the hospitality sector is a major service oriented sector in the economy of a nation. It has got a greater contribution in the whole tourism sector in terms of generating revenue as compared to others. In this regard it is very important to make sure that organizations in the hospitality industry are operating efficiently and effectively so as to enable them to generate more income as this would result in the growth of our economy. According to research, the hospitality organizations in Harare have been facing a lot of challenges that have been affecting the way they operate as well as the way they deliver their services to customers. These challenges have caused them to lose
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