Identity Essay : My Cultural Identity

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Cultural Identity is part of a person’s self-conception and self-perception. It is equivalent to nationality, religion, ethnicity, social class and different generations. When it comes to cultural identity, it has to do with you individually or socially. Socially or individually, one’s culture defines who they are as an individual person. My culture identity is composed of several different aspects of my life like the way I dress, my personality, and my family traditions.
To begin with, the way a lady is expected to dress in Islam culture is modestly. A lady is required to start dressing modestly at a certain age, typically when she hits puberty. One thing a girl starts wearing after 1st grade is the hijab. The hijab itself symbolizes modesty, privacy and protection; however, others see it as an object that represents oppression and terrorism. It means so much more. The hijab, in my opinion, protects a woman from such men. It shows that she is off-limits to all other men besides her husband. It also compels men to focus on the women’s personality and de-emphasizes her physical beauty. Something my aunt told me was, “If you see two chocolate bars on the floor, one is covered and the other is uncovered, which would you take?” This had been stuck in my head throughout my whole life causing me to look at the reasons why I wear a hijab. I used to see it as something that I just wore around my head, it meant nothing to me as a kid. The more I learned about it and its values, it

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