Imp Case Analysis

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1. Would a TNA be needed in this situation? Why or why not? If yes, who would you want to talk to?
Training Needs Analysis is a formal process required for the purpose of identifying the training gap that is in existence and its related training need. Considering the IMP case analysis, training needs analysis is required since there are different sectors within the organization which require an individual to possess the necessary skills to perform the expected work within that department. In addition, training is also offered to people working within the ‘different sectors’ in that organization despite the fact that equality is not displayed while offering that form of training. Talking to the HR manager at North America International
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Other than this, the commission insisted that training was offered to the whole company and not only on Mr. Pettipas because there could have been some individuals with the same problem but haven’t yet come into light.
4. For the training to be effective, what other things do you think need attention?
For the training to be effective, considering other factors to complement the training is required such as addressing the element of gender discrimination which was in existence in the organization. By addressing this form of discrimination training will be considered effective since the same form of training will be offered for both the males and the females within the organization. In addition, this will also ensure that the female staff members obtain the same, necessary Knowledge, ability and skills just like the male staff workers.
5. What would you suggest in the way of evaluation of the training? How would you convince top management that it would be worth it?
As a way of training evaluation, I would suggest a one-on-one interview whereby every staff member will be asked to carry out an activity with respect to the work being carried out in that respective department of the organization. I would convince the top management that it would be

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