Impact Of Healthcare On The Past 100years

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In today’s society healthcare is very important. Being able to have access to healthcare can lead to the quality of a healthy life. If there is no access to healthcare in someone’s life it can lead death. There has been many technological changes in healthcare over the past 100years. There has been a major improvement in how healthcare is handled today. A few differences include the quality of care, education, equipment, medical expenses, government insurance, and patient care. There has been a drastic change in healthcare from 1915 to 2015; everyone who knows about modern healthcare should know it is handled much better today.
Quality of care is making sure one has access to healthcare services when they need it. This was dealt with in a different manner years ago, not many people had the access to health care. It was due to the fact there were no medical services near them or healthcare professionals available to them. In result of this there many lives were taken. In today’s world it is very much different. Everyone has access to medical services whenever they need it. There are medical emergency services where you can call for medical services. There are hospitals in almost every city, urgent care facilities and doctors’ offices. The quality of care Americans receive today is good compared to what it was like many years ago.
Healthcare education was not much of a value as it is today. Now healthcare is studied across the world. There are thousands of Americans daily
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