Impact Of Leadership Village 's Fall Retreat

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Throughout this semester my leadership skills have not only grown, but changed inside and outside of the classroom. One of the main contributing experiences to this was the Impact Leadership Village’s Fall Retreat. Throughout this retreat we were put through other exercises that made evident to us what kind of leaders we were, what our strengths and weaknesses were, and what was most important to us and how that affected us as leaders. Two of the exercises that we underwent at the retreat have stuck with me throughout the semester. One of these exercises was made for us to better understand what was most important to us. We were given 16 sheets of paper in which we wrote our 4 favorite physical objects, our four favorite people, our four favorite non-physical things, and the four things we hope to accomplish or have later on in life. Slowly we were told to discard each of these things and pretend that these things ‘never had existed’ until we were left with one piece of paper. By the end of the exercise I was holding back tears. My one last piece of paper said the word ‘God’ on it, but in order to have God I had to give away my brother’s name as well as my dad’s name. Realizing how much they meant to me and being told to take this exercise very seriously, I began to weep. Thinking I was the only one crying, I looked up to see there was not a single dry eye in the circle. We went throughout the circle discussing the hardships of discarding the pieces of paper, how we came

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