Impact Of Object Oriented On Software Development Process

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Object-oriented technology has gained popularity for designing applications on a large scale within the last few years. The software developed by using this paradigm are of superior quality and have low maintenance cost as compared to the software designed using other programming concepts. This research paper analyze the benefits of object oriented approach in software development process and the process of reusability which is possible due to the greater abstraction of data in object oriented languages. Encapsulation means data hiding that makes it feasible to reuse data and inheritance are the basic mechanisms in the object-oriented approach. This paper examines the concept of reusability and how it can lower the production cost and improves the software quality. Keywords: Object oriented programming, reuse, abstraction, encapsulation, cost, software quality, software maintenance.
The complexity of new applications and need to cater different industries having different software requirements led to the evolution of object-oriented approach. Object-oriented programming originated as a value addition to previous developments in the software industry and old programming languages that had little or no data abstraction. Data abstraction is needed to deal with complex algorithms. The concept of objects which is the basic building block of object oriented programming was introduced in Simula (Dahl and Nygaard, 1966), has

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