Impact Of Our Daily Lives Steve Jobs Essay

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Eighty-Seven percent of Americans use the Intranet, many of us rely on it (Anderson, Monica). Children are become more accustomed to the use of computers, and smartphones. Almost a staple in today’s society, computers can access vast amounts of information in seconds. Where would so many of us be if we didn’t have our computers, or smartphones? In a world so increasingly dependent on technology. I would like to take a step back, and reflect on one of the critical people in the evolution of our daily lives Steve Jobs.
Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955, in San Francisco, CA. He was put up for adoption at a young age, and was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs under the condition he attend college(Editors, Biography). Jobs grew up with his now father experimenting with electronics in their garage. Always fascinated by electronics, Steve later meets Steve Wozniak. The two become friends as they discuss how they pranked people with the use of electronics (Moisescot, Romain). Around this time in life Jobs attends College, but he only attends classes that interest him. With little money, Steve Jobs drops out of college only six months after enrollment (Editors, Biography). Trying to find a path in his life Jobs embarked on a journey to India to seek enlightenment (Deja). After returning, Jobs runs into Steve Wozniak and they talk about a computer board Steve Wozniak designed. Jobs being an entrepreneur convince Wozniak they should sell these computer boards. With

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