Zachary Hutzell . January 6, 2017. Period 2. Business English.

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Zachary Hutzell
January 6, 2017
Period 2
Business English

This is where it all started when Steve Wozniak became fascinated with electronics. He was born August 11, 1950 and raised in San Jose, California. Steve Wozniak is pictured here with his family, his mother Margaret Wozniak, sister Leslie Wozniak, and his brother Mark Wozniak.

After Steve Wozniak graduated high school he got accepted into the University of California, Berkeley to major in computer science. He ended up postponing getting his degree to take on a job a Hewlett-Packard.

When Steve Wozniak went to work for Hewlett-Packard, he tried to convince them that he could help them create a desk top computer that would only cost the customer $800. After passing around quite …show more content…

The next computer to take on Apple is the Apple II. It wasn 't shortly after the Apple II was created both Wozniak and Jobs left Apple.

Before leaving Apple, Steve Wozniak decided to fly a plane with his fiancé, her brother and his girlfriend. The plane actually crashed when taking off because it stalled, which then caused it to bounced down the runway through fences and into an embarkment. Everyone that was on the plane did sustain injuries. Wozniak 's injuries were so severe he came down with amnesia. This caused him to not remember the crash, being in the hospital or anything after that.

After leave Apple in 1987, Steve Wozniak began a company called CL9. Here he created the very first universal remote control. Wozniak kept this company running for three years, until everything became more technical.

Steve Wozniak is not just a genius who created two computers that changed the world. He performed on dancing with the stars season 8 in 2009. While performing he pulled his hamstring and fractured his foot. Even though Wozniak and his partner didn 't win dancing with the stars, they both had the time of their lives.

For all the dedication that Steve Wozniak had in his career with designing two helpful computers, to then creating the first universal remote control. San Jose, California has took it into their own hands to honor Steve Wozniak himself by naming a street in

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