Impact Of Shelf Management On A Supermarket

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Impact of shelf management in a supermarket Supermarkets today across the world have become extremely competitive in nature and the pressure to prop up sales using existing facilities is increasing. Advertising and point of purchase sales promotion are used widely by supermarkets to get the maximum amount of sales as possible. It also helps to know that today data is widely available on almost any factor in consideration. Such large data can be used well for analysing and finding any particular trends that may benefit their stores. In supermarkets, as we can generally see and understand, there is a limited amount of space, large, medium or small depending upon the type of supermarket in operation. Now the task that store managers have at…show more content…
Research Aim The primary aim of the research is to assess the impact of product placement on the sales of a product and determine whether there would be any improvement or decrement in sales as a result of switching shelf space. Research Objectives The objectives of the research are to assess if a product placed in one position on the shelves is better than it being placed in another position and to see if it is better to place the product with any other items which can be thought to help improve the sales. Also, another objective of the research is to understand whether data analysis can be used to improve the shelf management and whether the inferences from such data analysis for a number of stores in a single supermarket can be characterized to be standard across the board or whether the output of such analysis should only be used in a particular store from which data was collected. Research Questions This research will concentrate the efforts on answering the below questions: 1. How does shelf management affect the sales of the product? Whether the sales of a product which was already selling well, decrease because of a shift in the shelf space? Or does the sales of a product which was not selling before improve because of a change in the shelf space? 2. Which position on the shelf space has
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