Impact Of Technology On Society

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Technology’s Impact on Society
Actions people take in the world nowadays are greatly monitored. Just taking a quick look around the modern world today will prove that surveillance is indeed everywhere. Consequently, human’s natural instinct of always wanting the next big thing is the reason for this technological change we now see in the world. Every single day people are continuing to work and tinker to do anything to advance technology even more. To see how far we have come in a technological perspective is preposterous and it will only continue to get even greater. These new increases in society of technology alter the general world around us by easy means of monitoring, tracking, and informing while also compromising with the privacy we yearn for as people.
The modern panopticon is everywhere. Various buildings today all are built around acts of being able to see and watch everything going on around it. Nowadays with the unsafe world we live in, we need this in order to keep people in the building safe. Singer discusses an example of monitoring through means of the panopticon, “Technological breakthroughs have made it easy to collect, store, and disseminate data on the center, a watchtower or “inspec-tor’s lodge” from which all the cells could be seen but no one would know.” (Singer) This explains how technological advancements allowed for closer monitoring on certain buildings like schools, jails, hospitals, etc (Singer). New means of technology too like surveillance,

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