Impact On Technology

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The advancements in technology have significantly altered our daily lives. As generations pass, it is remarkable how technology has changed drastically as well as our behaviour towards it. On a global scale, we are collecting many notable achievements through technology, and due to its many benefits, our exposure to the wide variety of electronics is gradually increasing. In this day and age, we have utilized technology more than ever before. Using these platforms more frequently has led to both positive and negative outlooks in our lives. From using technology, we have discovered a myriad of effective and dismissive situations regarding our lifestyle. For example, we can now conveniently interact with each other, but at the same time, we also spend too much time being on our technology. Although technology can disconnect us from our experiences of reality, it can also provide an abundance of resources to obtain information from, and it unifies us through multiple forms of mediums. Firstly, technology has detached us from our experiences with our loved ones and our interests in “the moment.” By being increasingly submerged in technology, it has created a rift in our society. Many people, as stated by Alexandra Tendler of The Odyssey Online, “are becoming more and more immersed in a digital network that is webbed into every aspect of our daily lives.” In other words, we are unaware of how much of our daily actions revolve around technology, and how significantly it is
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