Impact of Data Management in Health Sector

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External users , financial , and regulatory pressures will continue to place increasing demands on the resources of health care providers . Whether health care organization aimed at improving quality of care, patting market requirements are not satisfied , improve supplier relationships , or ensure compliance with all health care or Informatica improve data management solutions provider data is available for more in-depth insight and understanding of this type are directed greater efficiency and increased value . Three sets of basic equipment can be used for the health care industry. They are Internet applications, enterprise systems and the moving technology. This range of equipment can be used by the health care organizations to ensure their internal information are based on modules of other assignments , including finance and accounting , human resources , payroll information , etc. Also, healthcare organizations can use this technology to provide better patient care, not only to get information from the patient, but also provides additional information of personal care and disease management to patients. Better attention can be provided by using enterprise applications such as decision support tools, PRM applications, information storage and mining, as well as applications such as telemedicine, which can be used to personalize care and make care more accessible to patients who are able to access information from anywhere. Moving technology will also make the job easier

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