Impact of Technology and Workforce Diversity on Corporate Sector

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Impact of Technology and Workforce Diversity on the Corporate Sector | Keerthi Purushothaman III B.A. Corporate Economics 10CEM28 | Introduction With the onset of globalization, the corporate sector has transformed in many ways. It has adopted new work policies and adapted to new technologies. The impact of technology and workforce diversity on corporates is an area of growing importance. In a multicultural nation such as India, workforce diversity has a huge impact on business. With the expanding innovations in technology, businesses are forced to explore and adapt to new technologies in order to make the processes faster and more effective. This is also important for them to be able to stay ahead of the game and face…show more content…
The end result is an increase in the evolution of technology and its application to business, a process by which everyone benefits. Confusion: * While technology is useful, its fast pace and complex systems can be confusing. If companies want to update their systems or change the type of technology they use, they have to retrain not only employees, but often customers. New employees must also be trained in using business systems, which can create confusion.

 Availability: * Technology is very available, meaning that it is easy for competitors of all sizes to use and learn. This makes it difficult for businesses to keep up with technological changes and vastly increases the number of competitors in their market as smaller business can use technology to offer value to a wider range of consumers. Crime: * Technology also increases the possibility of crime. A tech-savvy employee can embezzle funds and make it difficult for the company to trace. Hackers can access personal and financial data of customers who trust the company to keep their information safe. Businesses must spend time and money developing safeguards against these events. These features reveal that technology can have positive as well as negative affects on business. Given below are a few advantages and disadvantages arising from technology in business. Table 1: Advantages of Technology to business: | Customer Relations |
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