Implementing An Appropriate Marketing Strategy

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Establishing an appropriate marketing strategy requires creating a definitive value proposition that is both attractive to consumers and beneficial to the multiple stakeholders of the product or service you are trying to launch. Our group has determined that Adventureolo’s current value proposition, as it relates to consumer value, is lacking and does not provide a substantial enough amount in order to drive a successful marketing campaign and business model. In order to address the lack of a substantial consumer value proposition, we feel that several changes will need to occur to the value proposition to drive consumer use and bring value to stakeholders. Below are the listed recommendations that we would like to propose in
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4. Incorporate travel deals, exclusive only to the “paid member,” directly into the expert articles via directed marketing links or promotion codes. This will help to create and foster Business-to-Business (B2B) sponsorship opportunities, as well as help drive impulse purchases by consumers who interact with these travel deals.
5. Revenue focus should be put on Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing efforts and relationships. These efforts should be focused through commercial and web-based advertising sponsorships, as well as travel deal incentives.
If the above changes were to be implemented, additional value for the consumer would be created through the free TV series, the discussion boards, community driven content, Adventure Advisor Board content, and lastly the paid members-only travel deals. On the other hand, value for the stakeholders of Adventureolo would be created through the revenue stream coming from the ‘premium’ membership cost, as well as the Business-to-Business (B2B) website advertising, commercials, and incentivized deals. We feel that these changes will be necessary to both properly market the Adventureolo brand and to create a sustained, lasting value proposition for both consumers and stakeholders. Changing from a membership based revenue schema to a Business-to-Business (B2B) advertising based revenue schema requires higher upkeep - but can be highly profitable. B2B marketing also opens up Adventureolo to a wider variety of revenue
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