Implementing In-House Training Teams

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1. Implementing In-House Training Teams can be an amazing way for organizations to directly impact the training expense of a company. By creating a team of staff members who are highly committed to the idea of training and teaching others, an organization can save potentially tens of thousands of dollars per year. There is a trick though: The team must be implemented appropriately. Poorly implemented in-house teams can quickly have the reverse effect on the bottom line, stealing resources and costing money and time. The keys to an effective training team are 1) they’re created with the necessary goals, vision and authority to promote their terminal objective, 2) they must be trained by an expert or model trainer, not just on the subject matter, but on how to effectively ‘teach’ others, and 3) they must meet regularly to assess their work, strategize for upcoming training requests and receive refresher training courses to hone their skills. (View an excerpt from our module) 2. When an organization can conduct a comprehensive performance review process that sets clear goals and outlines an employee’s path for success, they achieve two very distinct things. They first have taken a process that is typically seen as burdensome and negative, and framed it in a way that motivates the employee because s/he can begin to see the connection between his/her evaluation and his/her advancement in the organization; helping him/her to achieve his/her personal career goal. Secondly, the
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