Implementing New Curriculum Across The State

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Implementing new curriculum across the state can be a daunting task for any essentialist based school district. Throughout the years, states has been forced to implement new curriculums based on changes in educational laws, demographics, and the advances within technology. History is a content area, which rarely gets revamped regarding the material. However, through this outline it will demonstrate how the history curriculum would be implemented to assist students across the curriculum, and how the new application of standards, community involvement, and collaborative planning’s will aid in the overall success of the student, state, and district. Spring 2014
Identify and engage all Investors
A. Identify teachers to contribute …show more content…

iii. Explanations must be done in separate venues from the student, PTA, PTO, etc…want the conversation to stay focused on the changes and not individual students
Identify the Disparities and Fundamental Changes
A. Implementation of data teams to pilot organizing the data, and/or “be the point people for analyzing gap analyses that may already have been conducted by districts or by state departments of education” (Georgia Department of Education, 2012).
B. Pinpoint materials and resources that can be shared between and among grade levels. This will allow all materials and resources to be viewed as supplemental resources, and must be used to show how materials and resources must be differentiated to enable all students to access curriculum aligned with the new standards (Costa, 1991).
i. Identify textbooks and other resources that will be used within the classroom. ii. What philosophical perspective is identified within the resources would be used to support the standards addressed iii. Is the biblical perspective addressed? Will the material be offensive?
C. Districts and schools will need to have available all resources which includes, but not limited to training, curriculum materials and appropriate assessments. This will allow scaffolding content so that students’ progress is visible.
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