Implementing Project Management Activities Across The Organization Essay

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Pinellas County Economic Development
The Pinellas County Economic Development Department (PCED) oversees the economic development initiatives in Pinellas County. Implementing project management activities across the organization helps PCED create a strategic value chain that ensures a successful delivery, particularly in projects that carry a high level of risks.
I. Initiation
Project initiation is the first stage of a project. The idea of the project is established and examined for effectiveness, feasibility, and value that it will bring to business, residents and the economy of Pinellas County. During this stage, decisions are made regarding who will be the project manager to carry out the project, how the project team will be formed, which departments or municipalities will facilitate the project, and whether the project has adequate support among officials and communities involved.
Team Member Selection
The PCDE must use the following a two-step process to create the highly effective and efficient team. First, the team must identify the issues at hand. Second, the management and human resource department must select the desired skills that match the needs of the objective. The following skills will be used as criteria needed to be selected for the team.
1. Creativity
The PCED is in need of members that are innovators that think creatively. Creativity is highly associated with “intelligence, motivation, ambition, persistence, commitment, determination, education and

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