Abc Ltd 's Market Research Department

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ABC Ltd’s market research department has indicated that a leading National DIY chain requires a quantity of 1000 ‘euro style’ heavy-duty wheelbarrows with 90 litre capacity. No budget has been provided other than the hope of a small profit. ABC’s main focus is to keep its production staff employed since the company has had a drop in business. A specific finish date has been outlined but a good amount of time for the project has been given.
Major phases of the project: 4 phase model

Phase 1: Initiation
Initiation is the first phase of the project management life cycle, as it involves the opening of a new project. Steps including in this phase begin with the selection of a project manage and typically finishes with the project team has an adequate amount of information to start developing a schedule and budget. There are many activities during the initiation phase, these include: project meetings, developing the project plan using developed resources; and acquiring the infrastructure.
By the end of this phase, an overall project plan and some schedules of costs and time will have been made to see whether to pursue the proposal further.

In regard to the proposed project by ABC, the initiation phase mostly consisted of the brief provided to us by the company. ABC agreed to pay the company Avarice and Parsimony a fixed sum of £800 for our services. It seems unlikely that ABC will make much of a profit. However, it is stated in the brief that the company is not looking for a

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