Implementing Technology into the Classrom

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Technology is a very helpful tool that should be implanted into all urban and high poverty schools. “Technology is treated as a tool to help accomplish complex tasks (rather than as a subject of study for its own sake) that engage students in extended and cooperative learning experiences that involve multiple disciplines” (Griffin and Holland, 2008). Technology is a good tool to use when accommodating different learning styles. Therefore technology can become a motivator for students to keep them interested in the lesson. Collaborative-team-learning settings aide student with retain formation by implementing technology. Many of the urban school targets high poverty areas, therefore there is a tremendous need for implementing technology…show more content…
Such as, (KWL) what the student knows, what the student want to know and what the student has learned. The last learning objective, the student will use technology to learn and retain information. Accuracy and effectiveness would be a good way to meet this objective. The student can be assess through formal and informal asses to ensure that this objective is met. Three instructional strategies that will assist the student best with their learning need are KWL, hand-on/ independent learning and modeling. KWL (K-know, W-want to know, L-learn) is a instructional tool design to aide student in understanding meaning by creating a graphic organizer. Before the topic is introduce the student will construct a chart with three different columns. In the first column the student will state what they know about the topic before they read about it. In the second column the student will indicate what they want to learn about the topic. In the last column the student will state what they have learned from the reading. This assessment is used during, before and after the reading. Hands on learning is used to allow the student to become actively involved in the learning process. For example, SMART Board in a classroom is an excellent way to get student actively involved. SMART Boards are interactive whiteboard that aide in improving the learning outcome in the classroom. This combine the computer and whiteboard together. The

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