Implementing The E & D Policies Essay

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To overcome the inefficient implementation of the E&D policies in organisations the board along with the HR department needs to embed strategies to achieve the objectives and promote a diverse and fair workforce. A business strategy is a set of mentoring principles when adapted in an organisation that leads to decision making and therefore a strategy is defined as the way the people in an organisation make decisions and allocate resources in order to achieve a specific goals and objectives (Watkins 2007). Citing an example of a famous organisation ‘pwc’, it has instilled the corporate sustainability strategy to help create sustainable future by adapting skills, voice and relationships to create a positive change in the world (pwc, 2011-2015). Speaking of the ‘Hard’ and ‘Soft’ Models of HRM which propose contradictory views of the kind of business strategy to be adopted by an employer, the former emphasises on HR policies directed towards organisational objectives rather than development of HR and the latter focusing on HR as a valued asset and a source of competitive advantage, implementing policies enhancing skills development to attain high commitment, adaptability and competence (Gill 1999). Studies argue that a short-term strategy is only successful in case of positive discrimination, a recent US experience where affirmative action schemes include only positive or affirmative action evidently lead to a backlash (Kirton & Greene 2010). A strategy

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