Importance Of Checking For Understanding And Acting On Data

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Checking for Understanding and Acting on Data Checking for understanding and acting on data are very important aspects of the classroom to ensure teaching was effective and students have success in learning. Each of these techniques should intertwine throughout the day with the teacher constantly checking if students are learning what is being taught and gathering data that suggests mastery or the need for more teaching time on the specific content. It will take strategic planning, extensive practice, and precise intentionality of the educator to effectively utilize both of the techniques of checking for understanding and acting on the data.
What Check for Understanding and Acting on Data Mean to Me As a teacher, both checking for
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Show me could also be used with the whole class while practicing letter writing and recognition or when performing simple addition problems (Lemov, 2015). With tracking and not watching students, I will intentionally be looking for the outcomes while I am teaching that would be most important for student learning, thus having a focus for my observation. This technique can also be combined with standardizing the format during small group time. For example, while doing reading with small groups I will be tracking students using the same materials to ensure that each student is developing the specific skill we are working on. Affirmative checking would be used during independent work by having students only complete a small portion of a practice set that they are given before they can move on to the next portion. This will be important to ensure directions are understood, the content is being mastered, and that students will not have to erase and redo an entire practice exercise. With each of these techniques, data can be gathered for the teacher to act on in the moment or at a later time (Lemov, 2015).
How Acting on Data will Look in the Classroom There are four different ways to act on data that is gathered while checking for understanding: planning for errors, own and track, excavate error, and culture for error. Planning for anticipated errors will help
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