Importance Of Communication In Nursing

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For this assignment, I will be talking about a patient for whom I cared for during my 10-week placement within a north west community Cataract ward, for the purpose of this essay and to meet the requirements of the code of conduct;confidentialy of Nursing and midwifery council 2015 the patient will be named john. Within this essay, I will discuss how my team’s communication skills and mine affected my chosen patients care.

(NHS choices ,2015, Page 1) states: ‘Communication is a skill which can be attributed in many different ways, some examples of the types of communication are verbal (spoken), via writing, lip reading, sign language and even body language’.Communication is an Essential part of patient care as it allows you to develop a caring yet professional relationship with a patien and gives a nurse the chance to identify any issues, which the patient may be suffering with, this then gives the nurse the opportunity to intervene if needed to develop an action plan as to how a patient is cared for.

I first came into contact with John when he was referred by his Optician in regards to him having blurred vision in his right eye.The first communication method I used was verbal, I did this by calling his name for a consultation with a staff nurse I was assisting on the day. However, when I called his name I was totally unaware that he had a hearing impairment, when the impairment was made known to myself I then used my limited knowledge of sign language to try to engage in

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