Importance Of Education In Education

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Despite the recent increase in access to education, the poor, socially disadvantaged, and people in remote areas are often deprived of basic education. When basic education is available, the poorest are not able to benefit from it because the direct costs and associated opportunity costs are too high for them Thus, the relationship between education and poverty reduction is as honest and linear as education is; it enables the person to participate in the development process, instilling the knowledge and skills needed to improve income earning capacity and thus quality of life. Furthermore, the education of girls and women helps to improve the number of other indicators of human development. The eradication of poverty requires access to quality education. Thus, education helps lay the foundation for the following pillars of poverty reduction: empowerment, human development and social development Education may increase inequality and poverty if the benefits of economic growth are not evenly distributed among people. If education is achieved and the gap between the poor and the rich is reduced and all of them enjoy fair education without discrimination in opportunities, it contributes to reducing the poverty crisis and increasing security and stability. That the right to education - like all human rights - is universal and inalienable, many conventions have been enshrined in international law, which places binding obligations on ratifying States. The right to a good education

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