Beef Cattle Essay

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Cattle are the most important farm animals. They provide meat and dairy products. They are also sometimes used for their hides. There are many different breeds of cattle for example there are beef cattle and dairy cattle. There are also many different types of dairy and beef cattle. Cattle are believed to belong to the Borus taurus species. There are many different types of dairy cattle. The two main known ones are Holstein and Jersey cows. The holstein cows are the black and white spotted cows and weigh about 1,500 pounds. The Jersey cow is mainly a light to medium brown color but they can be grey to dull black, they are considered small in size and weigh about 1,000 pounds. The other types of dairy cows are Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Ayrshire, Red and White Holstein, and Milking Shorthorn. They also have famous cows. Two famous cows Minnie Moo who is famous for having a mickey shaped spot on her side and Big Bertha who was the oldest cow ever. Cattle are the most important farm animals because they provide the most. They provide meat, dairy and their hides. Cattles’ meat is important because it gives us protein and since the cow has a lot of stomachs they provide a lot of meat. There are also different types of beef cattle. There are the Beefmaster, Angus, Belgian blue, Belted galloway, Zebu, Chianina, Charolais, and the White face. Now these are just some of them there are a lot more, but the two most common beef cattle are the Beefmaster and the White face. Dairy from a

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