Importance Of Physical Readiness In The Army

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Physical Readiness in the Army
Physical Fitness in the Army is important to unit readiness, as well as combat readiness. Leadership plays a vital role in how successful a unit’s Physical Fitness Program is maintained and managed. Physical Fitness Programs throughout the Army have become personalized to the wants of the leadership and have forgotten about the needs of the organization. Understanding the importance that physical fitness has on military readiness is critical. Understanding the history of physical fitness in the Army is equally important to building physically fit Soldiers and help improve readiness throughout the Army. This paper will discuss the history of physical readiness training in the Army and argue the need for leader involvement in unit physical fitness programs. It will explain the value of having Master Fitness Trainers in every company; it will discuss the impact on combat readiness; the need for Master Fitness Trainers to manage physical fitness program and why understanding the Performance Triad can benefit Soldiers.
History of Physical Fitness in the Army
In 1858, the United States Military Academy conducted the first physical Fitness assessments test for their Cadets. Additionally, in 1920, the first Individual Efficiency Test" was required for all Soldiers. The evaluation consisted of a 100-yard run, running broad jump, wall climb, hand grenade throw, and obstacle course. The military used scientific efforts involving the testing of
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