A Study On Physical Training

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1. Daily Duties: Follow instructions, always have a safety observer when needed, and always use a TM or SOP. Safety is a paramount. You are expected to show up well rested and ready to work. 2. Job Knowledge: I don’t expect you to perform alone until you’re qualified. Study, read requlations, and ask questions. You are expected to qualify under Skill Level 1 MOSC 92Y10. You will serve as unit armorer for HSC 1st MISB (A) supporting over 70 soldiers. You will be responsible for over $_ worth of MTOE equipment and weapons. You will instruct soldiers on proper care and maintenance of all assigned small arms and equipment. 3. APFT: Physical is not optional. You ,ust participate in all unit activities no matter what your score is. There are exceptions for shift work, when off duty, and for special circumstances after coordination with me. Physical training will be conducted five days a week unless it is determined you require additional training. The current 1st MISB(A) standard is to score 70 points in each event of the Army Physical Fitness Test based on your age group. At a minimum you will meet or exceed these standard. Additionally, you will complete a 5 mile run in 45 minutes or less (9 min/mile pace). You are also expected to complete a 12 mile foot march in 3 hours or less with a 35 pound rucksack (15 min/mile pace). You must meet the body fat standards outlined in AR 600-9. You are expected to have self discipline and do what it takes to maintain fitness
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