Scope Of Professional Nursing Essay

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Jaimie Good The Importance of Professional Nursing Roles and Scope of Nursing Practice Missouri State University Abstract This paper discusses historical events that influenced the nursing profession, how the ANA’s Scope of Nursing Practice publication contributes to the nursing profession, the impact of the AACN’s BSN essentials on nursing education, the role of the ANA’s Code of Ethics in Nursing, and how nurses are regulated by the Missouri Nurse Practice Act. This paper also looks at the disciplinary actions taken against a license and how the actions of the nurse are related to the Scope of Nursing Practice, Code of Ethics, and The Professional Role. The Importance of Professional Nursing Roles and Scope of Nursing Practice Important historical milestones for the nursing profession The concept of nursing has been around for a very long time. Nurturing and caring is a part of human nature. Cultures throughout history have had people that cared for the sick but it wasn’t really until after Florence Nightingale’s experiences in the Crimean War that nursing really began to develop as a profession. In 1860 she established the Nightingale Training School for Nurses at St. Thomas’ Hospital in London. This was a very important milestone because was the first organized training program for nurse. Nightingale also developed the Nightingale pledge which is a variation of the Hippocratic Oath for nurses (Donahue, 2011). The American Civil War was an important time for

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