Importance Of Water Quality Analysis

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As a follow-up to the request for proposals for obsolete equipment replacement funds, from the Financial Services Division, I have assessed the current Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) testing equipment used for water quality analysis by the Water Quality Research Laboratory Division. This memo describes the importance of BOD testing in water quality analysis for the lab’s current project with Jordan Vineyard & Winery in Sonoma County, the problems the lab is facing using the current testing equipment, namely, the BODTrak II Apparatus, and recommend that we replace it with the Lovibond Oxidirect Apparatus. Background Information on Current Project and Importance of BOD Analysis The Water Quality Research Laboratory Division of Biogenesis…show more content…
The BOD, is a measurement of the amount of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) that is used by aerobic microorganisms when decomposing organic matter in water. This BOD is an important water quality parameter because it provides an index to assess the effect of the discharged waste water on the receiving environment. The higher the BOD concentration, the greater the amount of organic matter or “food” available for oxygen consuming bacteria and if the rate of DO consumption by bacteria exceeds the supply of DO from the receiving environment, it could lead to unfavorable conditions. These unfavorable conditions on the receiving environment in question, which is the vineyard irrigation system itself, could affect the yield of grape and thereby the quality of wine resulting in disastrous consequences. To prevent such concerns, the State of California has set the maximum allowable concentration for direct environmental waste water discharge at 10 mg/L BOD. Our water quality feasibility report would test the processed waste water to see if this BOD criteria is met. Problems with our Current Testing Equipment, the BODTrak II Apparatus The current Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) testing equipment used by the Water Quality Research Laboratory Division of Biogenesis Engineering Associates is the BODTrak II Apparatus. The apparatus itself was procured in Q3 of 2016, and
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