Importance of Learning and Training in an Organization

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Importance of Learning and Training in an Organization

Humans are now holding the biggest and most powerful empire ever seen on earth. No other living thing or living system has survived and got stronger like humans did. I think humans achieved this because of two major reasons. One is that humans have the ability to learn and develop using their mental abilities. And secondly is that humans are indeed using that ability. On average humans spend the first twenty years of their lives learning. Like all organizations, Shell is a "living company" as referred to by Arie de Geus. A living organization which in fact needs training and learning to develop and survive in today 's ever changing economy. Unless an organization can cope with
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"Companies die because their managers ' focus on economic activity of producing goods and services and forget that an organization 's true nature is that of a community of humans" is De Geus 's conclusion. He also said that many planners today envision the work of business as shifting from one dominated by capital to one dominated by learning.

The Shell Oil Company is one of the biggest and most complex business organizations in the world. An organization with a huge labor force. It follows both the "servant-leader philosophy and Arie de Geus 's concept of a living company.

Servant-leader philosophy is the way of thinking that anyone in an organization can be either a leader or a servant. It also includes the concept that the leader has to act with humility so others can be motivated to learn and lead. One person does not have all the answers. Leaders from all levels of the organization can by working together achieve more.

"System thinkers" and "Event thinkers" were selected in the 1990 's. Phil Carrol brought consultants, deputies and ideas about Transformational Leadership. At that time "Servant-leader" was finally developed along with a new vision, business model, system of governance, concept of leadership, and a new uses of learning were introduced.

LEAP purpose was to create superiors at all levels of the organization. The Learning and Performance programs were organized to find real solutions to
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