Importance of Understanding Organizational Behavior

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WORKPLACE REWARDS ASSESSMENT This topic is significant since individuals with assorted backgrounds and cultural standards have to work together efficiently and proficiently. OB looks out to highlight the understanding of behavior in organizations so as to expand competencies in predicating how individuals are expected to perform (Edwards, et al, 2009). This knowledge might then assist in affecting those activities that are not appropriate for the aim and goals of the organizations. Factors like independence, explicability and sustainability are significant while choosing the techniques for this purpose. Surveys, interview, recreation and survey are normally used to draw out responses of employees located in diverse kinds of organizations. To a considerable degree their personalities have an effect on the nature of their responses. The term work behavior is related to the study and understanding of the dynamics involved at a personal as well as a group level in work settings. The term also deals with the nature of the work as well. There are several factors that come into play when people interact in works (Halbert & Ingulli, 2005). Understanding work behavior is becoming increasingly important since the work is becoming a global village and people with diverse background and culture have to interact and work effectively in at work. Since a person has to deal with different people in at work, it is imperative that they have a vast knowledge on personality in order to
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