Improving Healthcare For Elderly People Essay

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There are a range of barriers to access to healthcare for elderly people in Shanghai, China (Chung, H. J., Han, S. H., Kim, H., & Finkelstein, J. L.,; Davis, A., Meyerson, B. E., Aghaulor, B., Brown, K., Watson, A., Muessig, K. E., . . . Tucker, J. D.,; Lin, C., Li, L., Ji, G., & Jie, W.; Lin, L., Brown, K. B., Yu, F., Yang, J., Wang, J., Schrock, J. M., . . . Wong, F. Y; Shi, L., Lee, D., Liang, H., Zhang, L., Makinen, M., Blanchet, N., . . . Wu, S.; So, W. K., Choi, K., Chan, C. W., Tang, W. P., Leung, A. W., Chair, S., . . . Yu, B. W.; Wang, X., & Pan, J.). The need of hip replacement, cancer and breast cancer are a few contributing factors to this issue. Elderly patients are being affected by this issue as there are a number of barriers to accessing healthcare like cost, quality and transportation (Shi et al.). These all contribute to the main overlying issue of having access to health care (Shi et al.). Lin states that African migrants experienced various barriers to accessing health care and were dissatisfied with local health services (Lin et al.).

According to So (2013), healthcare professionals need to distribute resources for a better services; this needs to be more person-centred to meet the needs of the cancer survivors (So et al). Additionally, Shi found that in gaining medical care in the evenings, weekends or even holidays, health care professional need to contact patients for follow-up care. Furthermore, Shi states that it is also important for
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