Improving Motivation Amongst HSS (Hospital Shared Services) Employees

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Hospital Shared Services is a security company stationed in hospitals throughout the city of Denver and the surrounding areas. The company works under a bureaucratic culture meaning it emphasizes rules, policies, procedures, chain of command, and centralized decision making. (Gibson, Ivansevich, Donnelly, and Konopaske, 2009) The majority of the security officers working for the organization comes from a military background, meaning they are use to the procedures followed in a bureaucratic culture. However, there have been issues involving pay freezes, better job opportunities, job security, and lack of communication within the organization. These four factors are well known among the bottom of the chain to cause a lack of motivation. …show more content…
There is not much job rotation within our organization. Job rotation increases task variety. “Increasing task variety should, according to recent studies, increase employee satisfaction, reduce mental overload, decrease the number of errors due to fatigue, improve production and efficiency”. (Gibson, Ivansevich, Donnelly, and Konopaske, 2009) Matthew Hallowell proposed strategies that would help construction workers fight fatigue with job rotation. According to Hallowell (2010), fatigue can cause reductively in productivity and alertness. Once this occurs, construction workers will not be able to operate heavy machinery which can increase on the job injuries. Fatigue among security officers can lead to slower response time and decrease the safety for everyone in the hospital because of the lack of alertness. Hallowell believes job rotation will help will control fatigue. According to Gibson (2009) “Job rotation is a form of training that involves moving an employee from on workstation to another. In addition to achieving the training objectives, this procedure is designed to reduce boredom”. Hallowell also mentions the downsides of job rotation among construction workers in his article. He believes job rotation can become quite risky for those who are not familiarized with the job position. One worker may have seven years of experience and skill for operating a certain

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