Improving The Medication And Patient Safety

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Improving the medication and patient safety in the compounding medication
Good manufacturing practices and compliance to regulatory requirements with right first time can make a significant difference in helping pharmacists compound medications safely, accurately and efficiently. Any unexpected errors that happen during the compounding medication may cause potential impact to the life of patients. It is important to collect the data of past history of errors surfaced during the past and analyze the data to continuously improve the processes to preventing errors to improve the medication and patient safety in the compounding medication.
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This data analysis leads 3 themes: classification error types, root cause analysis to identify the underlying potential or probable causes and drive the preventive actions to redesigning of workflow, processes, layout & enhancement of pharmacy information system.
These themes will be useful for understanding the past and potential errors in the processes to improve the medication and patient safety through recommended set of preventive actions to advancing the safety in the pharmacy compounding sciences. The study will benefit the organization to maintain the high quality standard of compounding medication and the potential risks to patients will be minimized.

Majority of out-patients, getting the prescription medication from the hospital or local retail pharmacy and the medication is most commonly in the form of a pill or a tablet. For hospitalized in-patients, the administration of medication is more complex, as most of the medications are often administered directly into the patient’s blood stream.
Injectable drugs need to be sterile and the dose is typically more precise because of the direct route into the blood stream. Premixed

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