Improving the Perception of Female Athletes Essay example

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Sports have been a part of this world since the beginning of mankind; the Olympics, for example, began during the times of Ancient Greece and those same games are as popular as ever and still continue today. However, back in the very beginning of sports history, men were the only gender granted the right to participate in athletic events; sometimes women were not even allowed be in the same general vicinity to watch. Sure, the days have changed, yet women still cease to receive the same amount of recognition in sports as men do. Why should the world care? Imagine working so hard, spending countless hours, on something that you have a passion for. However, now imagine receiving no credit or recognition for said passion predominantly because…show more content…
The only woman soccer player who exceeded the $50,000 a year barrier was Mia Hamm, who was paid an astonishing $1,000,000 a year (Pchola & Wadley 4). These issues only scratch the surface of why females are underrated in the world of sports. The first solution would be a day promoting women in sports—a national Women in Sports Day per say. The day could be dedicated to bringing the issue of the underrepresentation of women to the public eye. Additionally, female sports do not get as much air time as male sports do. For example, a study done by USC and Purdue sociologists discovered that in 2009, men took up approximately 96% of sports news. Even the information scrolling along the bottom of the screen on ESPN is dedicated to only men's sports approximately 95% of the time (Ruffle 50). With that being said, television could show programs and women’s games to encourage fans to take interest in the many different successful female teams this country has to offer. However, this solution could backfire because, at the end of the day, ESPN and all of the other sports channels really do care about their ratings. If they showed a women’s soccer game over a huge NBA rivalry game, the ratings could dramatically drop. Nonetheless, female sports could receive the same amount of popularity as men’s sports if they are given the same chance. Moreover, the second solution could be increasing the pay of female athletes at the professional level. In comparison to the pay that men’s
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