Impulse Buying A Common Behavior Today

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Impulse buying is a common behavior today. Our society of consumption sucks us into temptation to purchase items without thinking of the consequences which can be a negative thing. Impulse buying can be related to feelings of happiness and satisfaction or depression and anxiety. Its negative effects could affect bad consequences to one’s lifestyle and controlling ones impulse buying behavior could improve psychological well-being. To understand impulse buying behavior, we should first ask ourselves “what motivates impulse buying?” Previous research that has been conducted have found out that consumers in a happy mood have made impulse purchases and does not affect their mood but uplift it more. In other cases, impulse purchases are made in moderation to avoid unhappiness as “pick me up treats” to feel better. Impulse purchases can have negative consequences. However, if impulse buying do not affect financial stability, it should not be an issue. Understanding consumer consumers’ affective and cognitive experiences during impulse purchases can explain consumer behavior and buying patterns. The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between mood and impulse buying. Literature Review There are many factors that influence impulse buying behavior. There is the complexity of affective and cognitive processes that are involved in the decision making of making a purchase without intention of doing so. Most research has concentrated on defining the concept and
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