In The Article The Fossil Record Supports Evolution, Writer,

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In the article The Fossil Record Supports Evolution, writer, David A. Thomas argues his position. He favors Evolution over Creationism. In the article David explains how there are gaps in fossilization. He tells how creationists expose those gaps and claim that because of those gaps evolution is not proven to be true. However Thomas explains that there are many difficult steps in the process of uncovering fossils, but those difficulties don’t disprove anything. He says that creationists say that because scientists don’t have the full fossil that they aren’t real. Thomas explains that just because they don’t have the full fossil doesn’t mean the fragment is useless. It means that there are in fact fossils in B.C times and there could be …show more content…

Creationism is the belief that God created the universe and all that exists. There has been a long disagreement between the evolution believers called evolutionists and Creationism believers called creationists. Thomas defends his belief in evolutionism from the creationists. The creationists claimed the evolutionists’ argument, which is fossilization, has gaps in it that make their ideals flawed. Thomas defends his position by giving evidence on how he can prove that fossilization is valid truthful evidence to support evolutionism. Thomas uses the explanation of the formation of the fossils to defend his case. He gives a series of descriptive steps all telling how each step helps support his argument, each step supporting evolution in different ways. The formation of fossils gives the explanation that animals must die and be buried in a compositional area. This allows scientists to be able to date the age of the discovered fossils. Thomas admits that dating fossils might not be one hundred percent accurate, and there are gaps. Thomas also claims that dating the fossils is much more evidence based than any evidence creationists have. This article is just a small portion of the arguments for both sides have it’s primarily evolutionists. It’s just defending one of the many critiques of the creationists. Thomas explains to the readers that even though he can’t physically prove that evolution is true, he can back up his claims with science based calculations,

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