In The Film Poverty Outlaws, We Are Introduced To A Group

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In the film Poverty Outlaws, we are introduced to a group of women from Kensington, a neighborhood in North Philadelphia. While members of this group come from various backgrounds, they do share a few characteristics. They are all on welfare, poor, live in Philadelphia, food insecure, unemployed and there is not a male to be found for miles. In an attempt to survive, these women create a welfare union. The purpose of their union is to advocate for increased support for the poor and impoverished of Philadelphia. They use a variety of tactics in an attempt to achieve their goals. Some of their tactics I agree with; others that I don’t. In fact, some of their tactics and beliefs might even be considered immoral. So, why are they poor and…show more content…
Williams (2014), “No one can blame a person if her starts out in life poor, because how one starts out is not his fault. If he stays poor, he is to blame because it is his fault.” In his article, Dr. Williams makes the case that people are essentially poor out of their own free will. People make the decision to not graduate high school. People exercise their free will to have children outside of marriage. People exercise their free will to enter in and out of marriage. People exercise their free will to not take a job. People exercise their free will to engage in criminal behavior. By applying Dr. William’s theory of why people are poor to the women of Poverty Outlaw, it becomes crystal clear as to why they are poor. Of the four parts of the test (graduate from high school, get married before you have kids and stay married, work any job, and avoid criminal behavior) the women of the Kensington Welfare Union (KWU) either fail some or all of the tests laid out by Dr. Williams. Sherry, one of the founders and leaders of the KWU, dropped out of high school and lived out of a car at the age of sixteen. She was also pregnant and unemployed. In addition, Sherry leads the charge to take over the old welfare office, committing the crime of trespassing on government property and failing the fourth and final test of the William’s poverty test; avoid criminal behavior. Luckily, she is not charged. She is

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