In The Modern World, Due To Advancement In Science And

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In the modern world, due to advancement in science and technology people are able to accumulate information through various modes other than reading. Yet, reading continues to provide maximum pleasure and knowledge. It is commonly observed that those who read more excel in all the areas of academic life. Reading helps us to understand the thoughts and feelings of various writers. It improves our way of expression and creativity.
Reading is about understanding the written texts. It can be either intensive or extensive. Intensive reading is a minute and detailed study of the prescribed prose-text by concentrating on language and vocabulary. Extensive reading is to get the information, meaning and general theme of the material (Ahuja & Ahuja, …show more content…

English is learnt because it assimilates vocabulary from other languages. This makes it a rich and a powerful tool of learning. Furthermore it shapes the political, social, economic, intellectual and cultural life of the country. Its vast literature on varied subjects like science, commerce and humanities makes it an important knowledge imparting language. It is a passport for better career and better pay. In this context the Kothari commission has rightly recommended that English is a library language (Puri, 2009). Proficiency in this language is an essential requisite for seeking degree in India. In view of this, students at high school level learn three-language formulae (Regional language, English and National Language) and at the college level they learn two language formulae (English and any other language). But in Indian context many may have to learn an additional language, as their mother tongue and regional languages are not the same. Consequently they do not end up being proficient in any of the languages.
India is a multilingual country and most of the students here use more than two languages in their classrooms. Moreover the students are permitted to answer the examination in Vernacular languages at all the levels including higher education. Hence they don’t feel the need to improve their English language proficiency and read any literature in English (Shiakh & Pathan, 2012). Added to this, the schools as well as colleges have not been successful in

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