In Today’S World Of Ours, A Lot Of Businesses Have Come

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In today’s world of ours, a lot of businesses have come and gone since they were not competitive enough. The trend of technology in recent times has given many businesses a wakeup call in the way they operate. As of now the up and coming businesses have incorporate new measures to enable them compete their opponent by way of expanding their product and services such that they look more attractive and competitive in competing marketplace. Businesses that invite innovate ideas is set to be more productive, minimize cost and will be able to satisfy its shareholders. In this project, an innovation that would be created to address customer needs in the company that I have selected will go a long way to achieve a competitive advantage for it …show more content…

The Walmart experience which is quite unique from their competitors is they make room for customers to return goods back to the which is not an option for its competitors. All these moves are to give the customer a better feeling of doing business with Walmart. In addition, Walmart has improved on its payment method by introducing self-serving machine that customers can instantly scan their items and pay off without queuing. It has also created a shopping app that makes customer experience more interesting and time saving.
Describe how the division addresses customer needs and achieves competitive advantage. This new services will provide customers with shifting the focus on customer needs and not the business. In business, whenever customer needs are address the business is likely to gain competitive advantage over its competitors. The mere introduction of self-serving machine is a huge relieve since its saves customer time and improve efficiency in doing business. In addition, the shipping of goods to customer’s door step means the customer can do other things with their time.
Create a vision and a business model for this new division that clearly demonstrates your decision on what you want your business to become in the future.

As it is often said that perseverance conquers difficulty, the vision of this innovation is to inculcate the technology we have today

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