Inclusion : The Implications Of Diversity In The Workplace

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In contemporary society, the idea of diversity has come to the forefront of workplace culture. Diversity by definition is the existence of multiple different and complex social identities and issues in society or a space (Woodson). In simple terms, people self-identify or are identified as belonging to a specific group based on background, experience, or even appearance -- the incorporation of these groups into specific space or environment is diversity. Through globalization and modernization of society, the social interaction between these social identities and groups have become inevitable -- especially for the workplace. Thus, for an organization to be successful, they must be able to market to and serve the social groups within the global population. Diversity allows a combination of people to create a unique social space or team that combines their different backgrounds and associations for increased knowledge, efficiency, and understanding.
Yet, in the same modern society, diversity by itself is meaningless-- the proper integration and inclusion of these social identifications and groups is crucial to honing in the special knowledge and capabilities each person brings. More specifically, such identities and groups need to feel supported and encouraged within the workplace through inclusion. Inclusion is the involvement and empowerment of all people, where the inherent worth and dignity of those people are publicly recognized (Woodson). For the talent of these

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