Independent Research : Teachers ' Perception Of Inclusion

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SL280 Independent Research: Teachers’ Perception of Inclusion
The reason I have chosen to do this research is as a teaching assistant I have a view and opinion of inclusion and whether inclusion is right for pupils with and without SEN. I am also a parent of a child with SEN who is facing the decision whether to send my child to a mainstream secondary school, or whether a special school would be better suited to his needs.
The aim of this research is to gauge the views, opinions, thoughts, feelings, and teachers’ perceptions of inclusion within their classrooms. The method of collecting this data will be through a small scale survey, using semi-structure interviews with individual teachers in a secondary school. The participants will be between six and ten pre-chosen teachers who will range in teaching experience of a year to twenty-five years. The interviews will be recorded and then transcribe. The data will be analysed and coded. Possible themes will be identified and explored. The inclusion of pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN) in mainstream education instead of segregating them into separate Special Educational Schools has been the policy of successive governments since New Labour introduced the Green Paper Excellence for All Children (DfEE, 1997) (Hodkinson, 2005). This was superseded by the Code Of Practice (Dfes, 2001), which placed the emphasis on teachers to identify and meet the needs of SEN pupils within mainstream education. The…
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