Industrial Revolution Essay

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The capitalist The Industrial Revolution was a innovative period between mid 18th century through the 19th century, making people go from a predominantly agricultural existence into a more urban lifestyle. Starting after year 1750, all the factors that combined, made Great Britain the best place for industrialization. The primary assessment that made it possible was the invention of machines that could do work that was previously done by hand. This allowed production to shift from inside homes into factories. During the industrial revolution, new inventions were plentiful and helped to 'revolutionize' the way in which people lived. Steam power, capitalism, representative government, transportation, and the scientific methodology made the …show more content…

system was one of the most productive systems in the history of humankind. The average life expectancies of citizens have more than doubled since the capitalist system went into effect. The system was economics under which ownership of investment in the means of production and distribution depends chiefly upon corporations and independent individuals. Instead of humankind controlling the direction of its own progress, humanity is at the compassion of an economic system which it has itself created. Capitalism helped more food, water, clothing, and shelter be produced using less labour than ever before. It would seem that the material problems of survival was starting to be solved. The capitalist system was so successful that we still use it to this day.

Representative government is an electoral system where people vote to elect running candidates to represent their very own interests. The members elected meets for debates and design laws on all behalf of the society instead of the government voting for their own made up laws. It has been adapted quickly by news programs and media; the media blows up news all over the internet and television nowadays. When representative government first started, you may have been talking to a small town of thirty people. Now if you speak to that small town, you might as well be speaking to the whole world if the media is there because everyone

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